Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Twilight saga (Breaking Dawn Part I)

It occurred to me this week, while reviewing a review of the latest offering in the Twilight saga (Breaking Dawn Part I), which was not a great review itself, although slightly better than the film, that the review, qua social construct, failed to capture the true experiential imperfection of – for me - cheap nachos, the commendable lethargy of the ticket attendant, the retardation of the popcorn spiller, and the moment of bliss when I fell into a sugar-induced micro-sleep. All things considered however, and relative not just to other cinematic experiences, but to other ways of spending those one hundred and fifty minutes – which would probably have included self-persecutions on a theme of whether I should have been flushing my life into oblivion with feeble time-killers that (amongst other things) explored the subtleties of werewolf-love and the film industry’s ability to weave tampon product placement into a film about the supernatural - it was a useful diversion.


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